My next stop was Germany. To get there, I met up with my sister and the German family she had been staying with. She had left a few weeks before me and was staying with the Werding family. My dad had known Tim Werding, the father, since they were kids growing up in South Africa. I met them at the Gare de l’Est station and we left for their town, which is located just over the France-German border.


Leaving Paris

The following days I spent with the Werding family were relaxing and peaceful. I was…


Swimming in beautiful lakes near their house.


Barbecuing scrumptious German sausage and pork cuttings.


And traveling around the town that they live in.

On one of the nights, myself, along with my sister, the Werding children, and their friends went to a nightclub in a city not far from them. They had to be under the supervision of someone over 18 so that they did not get too carried away. Either way, our group, consisting of 16 through 20 year olds, were all standing in the parking lot and groups of young German guys and girls kept asking if I could sign their papers. I felt very important, but I would have to be responsible for all of them… and I really didn’t want to do that. Thankfully, we all made it into the club. The bouncers gave my sister and I a confused look when we showed them our New Mexico licenses, but we easily blended into the crowd. The drinking age in Germany is 16 and my sister got to experience college-life firsthand. It’s too bad she never allowed me to take a picture of her; she took Jagermeister and gin like a champ. From my experience, the German youth take a while to dance, but once the alcohol is in their system, they turn into animals.

After getting over my hangover, it was time for us to depart from Germany. Our next stop was England!, except my sister was only stopping over. We said our goodbyes, and I headed towards the English border.


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