Pre-Departure Thoughts


20180730_182607As this is the only pre-departure photo I took, I will gladly explain what I was thinking those moments before takeoff. As I sat staring back at the Denver international airport, I prayed that the person sitting next to me was not a snorer. This was the first time I had traveled outside the country on my own, so I was a bit nervous. Growing up, I had always been accompanied by my family when we went on vacation. Bu this was my vacation, so that emotional support was only going to be available 7 or 8 hours behind where I was going. Fortunately for me, all that traveling throughout my life had made me an experienced airport navigator, so I brushed those worrisome feelings aside. Still though, because I had never grown up in a large city, the idea of being dropped in Paris was scary. There was no turning back now…

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