When I traveled to Europe, I decided to solely rely on WhatsApp to contact people because I’m cheap. However, I had to coordinate with my aunt to meet a cab driver at the Heathrow airport, which turned out to be a bit more challenging than I had anticipated. After walking around in circles for a while and trying to control my dread and excitement, I found the cab driver and we headed out towards Kingston. When we arrived at the house, I was met by two shy cousins who I hadn’t seen in around 7 or 8 years. It took us a while to open up to each other, but everything was fine when I pulled out the bags of German candy I had smuggled over. I came to really love Kingston. The Thames river is a 10 minute walk from their house, and the Hampton court palace is right around the corner.


After a short bike ride, you can find yourself in one of the many parks that used to be the hunting grounds for the kings of England.

*I also realized that in many of these pictures I’m wearing the same shirt… that’s just a coincidence… it’s not because I only packed 2 shirts. Don’t judge me.

I found that transportation into London is a lot easier than in Paris. But it still requires some getting used to. So, once I had done some research on what to see in London, I headed out.


The Imperial War Museum


The British Museum

After visiting the British Museum, I was on my own for the day in London. I decided to head to Covent Gardens, located in the west end. The place was bustling with tourists and vibrant street markets. I spent quite a lot of time watching the various street performers. My next stop was Trafalger Square. It was a shame though because I wasted all of my phone battery on filming the street performers. When I arrived, I was again lured in by the street performers and again started dropping my spare change into their hats. Thankfully, I was pulled away when my cousins arrived. We were scheduled to see the performance, Young Frankenstein, at the Garrick theatre in the west end. The show was a blast and reminded me yet again about my love for the stage.

In the final days, I spent time walking around Westminster and relaxing along the riverside. It was unfortunate because so many of London’s magnificent structures were undergoing construction and restoration. Still, there were quite a lot of buildings that were lovely to look at…


On my last in London, I decided to travel to Windsor Palace. Now, I knew that I was going to experience a traveling nightmare at some point. Being my first time using public transport so regularly, it was bound to happen. So, while standing at Richmond station, I knew I was at the right platform, but somewhere inside me said I needed to get on the new train I saw. This, of course, turned out to be the wrong train. So, after riding the train for about an hour, I knew I wasn’t on the right train. I needed to backtrack. After spending double the amount on different tickets, I finally realized my mistake and got on the right train. After 30 minutes, I was in Windsor. And because of my mistake in the morning, I could only spend half the day in Windsor. But it was well worth it…


The popular marketplace


and Windsor palace of course.

And just when I thought the journey was over, I was on the plane the next morning at 7:00am for Denmark. I had been speaking to my host family for the duration of my trip to France, Germany, and England, but now I was going to be living with them for 4 months.

What did the future hold? Stay tuned in the coming week(s).



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