What is going on beautiful people! I have already failed to live up to posting weekly, but I’ve been extremely busy.

Since arrival, I’ve been getting used to my daily routine. Every morning I wake up and prepare my breakfast and lunch for the day. For breakfast, I typically eat a bowl of granola or muesli with cut-up banana and a warm double-shot espresso. For lunch, I make a sandwich that consists of either rye or white bread, cold meats, cheese, and mustard. This will help me last the day in the city without having to spend money on snacks (not saying I don’t enjoy snacking). After I pack my bag, I head to the end of the road and wait for the bus. I’ll either take the bus all the way into the city or jump off at the metro (this is typically faster than riding all the way on the bus).


I have also been getting into the habit of running more often to get in shape for club soccer. Nearby, there is a large open area in Tarnby that you can run along. I usually run into sheep grazing along the path, which always requires me to get out of their way because they don’t give a damn. In general, it is very peaceful. It’s always nice to escape everyday life.


This past weekend, I met up with my friend Emma and we traveled to the Blue Planet aquarium on the east coast of Amager. People spoke very highly of the aquarium, but it didn’t live up to my expectations. They even had a whole section on Amazonian creatures, including frogs. We also walked down one passage and there was a random exhibit of a chameleon sitting on a stick. So, I was a bit confused. However, it was still enjoyable to see so much ocean life.


After we finished our time at the aquarium, we decided to visit the National Museum of Denmark. In my opinion, I found this museum more interesting than the museums I had visited in London and Paris. Their collection of Viking age materials was absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of this place, but I would recommend anyone who visits or studies here to see this museum.

Yesterday, I made a spontaneous decision to make dinner with my friends. I had been waiting for a film screening in the afternoon and I ran into two of my college friends, AJ and Emily, and their new friend Haley. They asked if I wanted to go with them because they were going to be making Mexican food. I thought for a second, and then said: “ah what the heck, I’ll watch the movie later.” This decision would lead to a fantastic, messy night making a Mexican dish with carnesita, patatas, y tomates.

*A side note to this story! What I have learned about Copenhagen is that you may be walking through some residential neighborhood and suddenly find yourself in front of some magnificent building.


Anyways, back to the rest of the evening!

When we arrived at AJ’s rented room, we got to work preparing the meal. By this point, my stomach was aching from all the amazing smells. I was given the job of making the tortillas, which turned out to be super messy!


But the effort we put was rewarding!


We spent the rest of the night drinking wine, eating amazing food, and gossiping. Finally, the evening came to a close and we all parted ways. I realized after I’d left that, had I said no earlier, I would’ve never had this experience to remember. I also didn’t end up watching the movie after all…


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