Final Few Weeks

It’s amazing how quickly time flies, especially at the end of the semester. With final papers and exams coming up, free time is becoming scarce. But this has also allowed me to spend more time with my host family, which I haven’t really done since I arrived. Over Thanksgiving, my father came out to visit me in Copenhagen and I introduced him to the family. I found it funny that they expected my dad to be a stubborn businessman with a briefcase, which is the complete opposite of who he is. We had a great time and showed him all the important sites. My host family also took him to a lot of local places while I was in class.


My host dad, Steen, who works for Carlsberg, decided to take us to the facilities and gave us a thorough tour. It was fascinating to learn about the history of Carlberg beer in Denmark and how it became one of the largest beer companies in the world.


They also have the largest collection of unopened beer bottles in the world. There’s a Guinness World Record plaque to prove it.

Last week, my travel course had its final field study and we traveled to Helsingor to see the Maritime Museum next to Kronborg Castle. When I visited the castle earlier in the semester, I remember peering over into the dry-dock (where the museum is built into) and was curious about the odd structure. But I, for some reason, didn’t pay much attention to it. Now that I have seen the museum, I was much more impressed with it than Kronborg. I only traveled to Kronborg to check a place off my list and I didn’t enjoy it as much I thought I would.


But I would highly recommend anyone to visit this hidden gem before they decide to make their way to Kronborg. It is an interestingly designed building with lots of modern architectural elements that make it so aesthetically pleasing.

20181128_152528_HDR (1)

In some ways, my time abroad has felt like a lifetime. I did a very good job to keep myself busy with travel and sightseeing. But my time abroad has also felt short, especially regarding the wonderful friendships I developed here. My fear is that I might never see some of these people again. As this semester winds down, I need to consider the limited time I have with the special people I’ve met here and prioritize the time I have with my host family as well. It’s under two weeks now before my plane takes off and I’m heading back to the Southwest.

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